Monday, 25 May 2015

One World, One People.

       As Bullingdon boy Cameron, beefs up his anti-immigrant  rhetoric, to satisfy the racist element in his Oxbridge cabal, it's good to see that the people on the street tell him where to shove his xenophobic ideology.
This from Rabble:
      This video going round the internet shows a day earlier this month when 2 vans of Home Office immigration thugs arrived at Peckham market, South East London. They started going into shops and asking people for names and immigration details. An angry crowd gathered shouting at them and they were forced to retreat, get back into their vans and fuck off.
We haven’t seen a full write up of this event as yet. But we know that these raids happen frequently in Peckham and in other black and migrant areas. And this is not the first time that they have been resisted and chased off.
We repost below an article from Antiraids network which gives a bit more background on what is happening with immigration raids in London recently, as the government announces an escalation in its attacks on migrants.

People in Peckham sent Immigration officers packing. First time in History. Power to the people. "Bad market" for David Cameron ' s squads.But watchout for their 2nd coming, it will be brutal. Question: in your own opinion, which you are entitled to, was it right to obstruct the immigration officers from carrying on their duty?.
Posted by Djali Journalist on Friday, 22 May 2015

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The Brutality Of The Financial Mafia.

       The extent to which the financial institutions of the world have usurped the sovereignty of national governments is nowhere more apparent than in Greece. The extent to which this financial Mafia controls the shape and direction of any government becomes clearer and clearer with each "financial crisis". In Greece today, the people are being crushed into deprivation, the fact that they have voted in a "left" government does not mean that this situation will change. The minute that this government sat down at the table of the financial Mafia, they have accepted to play the game according to the rules of that Mafia, and that game ensures that all public assets will be handed over to to fill the coffers of the said financial Mafia. The only sovereignty they have is not to play the game at all, and this could be devastating for the people of Greece, but it could also be their opportunity for the people to take control and shape their country to their own desires. The power which the financial Mafia exert over the direction of a country is supreme, freedom will only come when we the people walk away from their gambling table and take control of our own affairs.
       In this article by Jerome Roos, gives an excellent and detailed explanation of the workings of the financial Mafia and the battle that faces not only the people of Greece, but all of us engulfed in this financial quagmire of greed.

     These three changes have been foundational to the generalized move away from widespread default, as was the norm prior to World War II, and towards the incredible track record of debtor compliance that has been established under the neoliberal regime of financialization. Ever since the Mexican debt crisis of 1982 — and the Latin American and Third World debt crises that followed in its wake — governments have generally tried to avoid a suspension of payments at all costs. As Harvey has put it:
    “What the Mexico case demonstrated was one key difference between liberalism and neoliberalism: under the former lenders take the losses that arise from bad investment decisions while under the latter the borrowers are forced by state and international powers to take on board the cost of debt repayment no matter what the consequences for the livelihood and well-being of the local population.”
Read the full article HERE:
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A Tremendous Victory, The Rent Stkike.

      Spirit of Revolt is proud to work alongside Clydeside IWW, Scottish Peace Network, Document Human Rights Film Festival, and Fairfield Heritage Centre, in producing this event. The Rent Strike was a tremendous victory in working class struggle, an important part of our heritage, an event we can still learn from, and feel proud of all those who brought that victory to fruition.

We are not removing! Two films and a blether for the centenary of the 1915 Rent Strikes

Pearce Institute, Thursday 4 June 2015, 7pm

Free / donations welcome / Refreshments provided / Free crèche (please book)
Fairfield Heritage Centre (located a short walk away) will be open before the event
The 1915 rent strikes, which started in the back-courts of Govan tenements, were a famous victory in the ongoing struggle for decent, affordable housing, and an example of working-class solidarity in action. While the workers were risking their lives at the front, or their health in the munitions factories of the First World War, the landlords tried to increase the rents. But the women were not having any of that. They didn’t have the vote yet, but they had each other’s backs when they said – We are not removing!
Red Skirts on Clydeside (1984, 43min)
Introduced by filmmaker Jenny Woodley
When this film was made, the importance of women in the history of social movements on the Clyde had been all but forgotten. The filmmakers bring this history back from the archives through interviews with women who knew Mary Barbour, Helen Crawfurd, and Agnes Dollan. Hear how the sheriff officers got chucked into the midden and how the tenement back courts echoed with radical ideas!
You Play Your Part (2011, 24min)
Introduced by filmmaker Kirsten MacLeod
Twenty-seven years after the original film was made, Govan women reflect on their lives and roles by the Clyde in a unique collaborative women’s history film project.
There will be some time and refreshments between the films for anyone interested in the rent strikes centenary or in contemporary housing issues to meet and chat.
Free crèche will be available, please contact the organisers to book a place.
Fairfield Heritage Centre will be open until 7pm on this evening. A short walk from the Pearce Institute, featuring displays on shipbuilding and local history, including the rent strikes, in A-listed shipyard offices:
Earlier that day there is an event at Glasgow University on film and history, including films about the UCS work-in, Pollok Free State, and the Govanhill Baths. Please click here for details.
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Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Window With A View.

     This capitalist world drowns us in brutal contradictions, pays for opulence with misery and poverty, buys pomp and power with deprivation and death.

My Window With A View.

From my TV window on the world
I see the crazy ape
build mountains of meat
while, an arms length from my heart
a host of children die of hunger.
We with guilty silence play our part
deaf to tears that drop like thunder.
The crazy ape
casts fish back into the sea
not a length of a sigh from swarms
grovelling in rubbish tips.
Can't we hold our brothers dear,
why no righteous anger from our lips?
Now the crazy ape
hoards fields of wheat
yet, the distance of a tear-drop
hands beg a simple crust of bread,
a ritual only death will stop;
must justice wait 'till all are dead?

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Unbroken Anarchism--A Crime!!!

       The varieties the of ways the state will conjure up to keep incarcerated those it feels are a threat to its power and control, knows no limit. A comrade is continuing to be held in a Swiss prison because, "his anarchism is unbroken". It appears that psychiatrists will only consider him for parole, if he distances himself from his ideology. A bit like the church during the Spanish inquisition. The brutality might not be as physical, but just as vindictive.
This from Contra Info:

      For some time the penal system is being aggressively colonized by psychiatry and psychology in Zurich as in prisons elsewhere. The report of the forensic psychiatric department from 31.3.2015 provides a “risk-oriented sanctions enforcement” assessment, a new evaluating development, since the report explicitly uses psychiatric argumentation only and for the first time formulates specific “recommendations”. Urbaniok’s psychiatry distributes contact prohibitions – defines political distancing or rather political renunciation as a requirement for conditional release. The big word is and remains the “crime-promoting ideology”!
We cite from the report’s controversial points:
• The legal prognosis is supposedly bad, since “he continuously strongly and actively delves in his ideology and is in contact with relevant comrades” which “can be seen in his statements as well as in his networking with the scene”.
• “It has been observed that MC’s attitude is solidified and imprisonment has not initiated a process of change.”
• “It may very well be required from a person like MC that he reflects on his statements – knowing of his influence and possible consequences – and that he is able to recognize statements of a more or less inciting content. To reduce the risk MC would have to distance himself from his conviction for which currently no evidence can be found” since he “is not willing to do any work concerning his crimes”.
Read the full article HERE:
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Free Travel In A Beautiful Land.

        Another delightful outing on the dream machine, which means that you get lucky and see another couple of lovely snippets of our beautiful country. 

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Whose Justice??

       Capitalist "justice" is a contradiction of the meaning of the word. As well as an excellent critique of this repressive capitalist system, this is a call for solidarity for all those enslaved in the cages of the state, and to those caught in the straight jacket of capitalist economic insanity. It is a call from those shackled in heart of the European Financial Mafia's latest experiment, the Greek economy, from those feeling the full force of capitals pulverising of our social structures, to enhance its overflowing coffers.
      We remain simply on this: Justice as an institution of capitalist democracy can never be objective. It serves the perpetuation and reproduction of the system of inequalities that define it “unmediated” in solving the production of these inequalities. A step further, its autonomy has nothing to do with cutting the umbilical cord from the centres of authority, Media and capital. On the contrary: through their unification, prosecutors and judges, besides not losing the money they get for the shameful job they do, work for the interests of the bosses before they even get orders. A recent example is the moaning for the increasing conservatization of the new correctional legislation (a legislation you would not call progressive, unless you compare everything with the fascists of New Democracy).
       We are not speaking in anyone’s name. The prisoners, those who mainly experience the tragic consequences of the system and justice in their lives but also all those excluded in the cities-prisons, should realize their position, organize and fight for liberation from relations from the walls that divide them today. But above all for complete liberation through the revolution itself and the destruction of State and capital.
      Let’s act in order to live our lives freely without States and borders, without prisons and psychiatric clinics, without businesses and the exploitation of nature and people.
Read the full article HERE:
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Friday, 22 May 2015

Edinburgh Uni. Occupation.

An appeal from our friends at ACE.

INFO from the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place EH7 5HA
ACE is open Sats 12-4pm, Tues 12-3pm, Thursday 6 - 8pm
Advice and solidarity on benefits, debt, housing etc on Tuesdays.
Leith Wholefoods, the Info Shop, Scottish Radical Library and free broadband
available all 3 days.
Open monthly meetings first Wednesday of the month, 7.30pm at ACE
0131 557 6242

Support Edinburgh Uni occupation at Charles Stewart House, Chambers St

       "We have just occupied one of the main University management buildings -Charles Stewart House – as we’re thoroughly disappointed with the University’s failure to commit to divestment from fossil fuels. "

      The occupiers and supporters have faced violent attacks and threats from security hired by the University.

see also ace facebook

which writes:
     It's important to support the struggle of these students in Edinburgh to build a stronger movement in this city and beyond. This occupation is not just about sustainability and green economy but taking action for the only world we have, against the neoliberal management of our lives and the oppression of local communities all over the world. If we link the fight of the students with those of the workers, unemployed, immigrants and disabled in this city we can be stronger and more successful. Let this be the beginning of a hot summer of dissent.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Civilised People Don't Cage Animals Or Humans.

       The UK has one of the highest prison populations percentage of population in Europe, being beaten by Poland. The UK prison population stands at approximately 86,000, this is an increase of roughly 800, on last year. The largest growing age group being imprisoned are the over 60s, showing an increase of 130% between 2002 and 2013. The UK state imprisons 148 of its citizens per 100,000 of the population. All this while we are being told that crime is falling. Prisons have nothing to do with rehabilitation, they are simply a method of control by the establishment.
      Not content with holding the dubious record of imprisoning more of it citizens than practically every other country in Europe, the UK state is building a mega-prison in Wrexham, North Wales. This monstrosity of inhumanity, will have the capacity to cage 2,100 of our citizens. It will be the second largest prison in Europe and will cover an area large enough to fit the Millennium Stadium in its grounds seven times over and still leave space. It will cost an estimated £250 million of our tax money to build, which will go to the shareholders of Lend Lease, the company doing the build.
      Why should we be concerned? Simply because we know, like all prisons, it will imprison, the poor, working class, troubled people with mental health difficulties, learning difficulties, individuals suffering substance abuse, plus a disproportion of people of colour and immigrants. We know that these festering, depressing halls of cages, produce self-harming, brutality, mental trauma and suicides. Also, apart from being an inhumane and brutal caging of human beings, its workshops will replace local jobs based on slave labour, and paying well below the minimum wage. As far as I am aware, the decision as to whether it should be run by the public or the private sector has still to be decided. Another wonderful corporate idea, making a fortune from the incarceration of poor and vulnerable people.
      However, there has been considerable resistance to this monstrous edifice of the capitalist exploitative system.

This from Contra Info:
Sunday 17th May, 2015.
     Last night an action took place at the site of Europe’s second largest prison in construction on Wrexham Industrial Estate in North Wales. The mega-prison, if built, will cage more than 2100 human beings at any one time.
     Multiple large diggers and construction equipment had their engines destroyed. Slogans were sprayed on the half-built prison fences including ‘Fuck Lend Lease’ and ‘Fire to the Prisons’.
     This is a warning to any company large or small that that is involved in the North Wales Prison Project, or any other prison building scheme that the state initiates. You are a target and you will feel the venom of the working classes fighting back.
     This action is dedicated to every slit wrist, suicide attempt, destroyed family and oppressed community harmed by the prison system.
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Jews Got God's Word Wrong??

So God forbade the Jewish people from having a state!!!

Jewish Rabbi speaking the truth
This is an amazing MUST SEE explanation of whats really going on with a top Jewish Rabbi speaking the truth.
Posted by The Deen Show on Wednesday, 23 July 2014
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

We Are Many.

An appeal from Stop The War Coalition:
Major anti-war conference/ We Are Many, launches on Thursday

Book now for June 6th anti-war conference
"Confronting a World at War"
Saturday 6 June • 10am - 5pm
TUC • Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3LS

      Hundreds of people will attend the 6th June Confronting a World at War conference to discuss how to resist the Anglo-American war machine and the ensuing militarist brutalisation of life. Leading anti-war writers and campaigners are coming from around the world. These include:
     Medea Benjamin is a leading US peace activist. She is the co-founder of Code Pink and one of the best-known progressive figures in the United States. Barack Obama stated once (after being interrupted by Medea Benjamin during a major speech on the "war on terror") that "the voice of this woman is worth paying attention to".
     Mustafa Barghouti is a globally known campaigner for Palestinian rights. He is the General Secretary of the Palestine National Initiative. He has been a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and was Minister of Information in the Palestinian unity government.
    Explo Nani-Kofi is a noted Ghanaian-born social researcher and a campaigner for social justice. her coordinates the Campaign against Proxy Wars in Africa and is the Director of the Kilombo Centre for Civil Society and African Self-Determination.
     Mark Weisbrot is a writer for peace and social justice. He is the co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. He has written for publications such as New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, etc. He is the co-writer of the screenplay for Oliver Stone's film South of the Border.
        They will be joined by Tariq Ali • Lindsey German • Seumas Milne • Bruce Kent • Jeremy Corbyn MP • Victoria Brittain • George Galloway • Ozzie Ardiles • Richard Sakwa • Kate Hudson • Jonathan Steele • Andrew Murray • Joe Lombardo • David Edgar • Anas Al-Tikriti • Sabby Dhalu • Sami Ramadani • Chris Nineham • Jenny Clegg • Hamja Ahsan • Judith Orr • Carol Turner • Steve Bell • Malia Bouattia • Matt Willgress • Daniel Jakopovich
       We are offering discounted tickets at £8 until the end of this week. Book now to be sure of your place.
Share the event with your Facebook contacts
Book your ticket online with Eventbrite

Box office: 020 7561 4830
Don't miss the launch of We Are Many this Thursday

      The acclaimed film We Are Many will be in cinemas across the UK on 21 May, with a Q&A panel, and then in selected cinemas on 22 May.
      We Are Many tells the story of 15 February 2003, when millions of people in cities and towns across the world marched to say not in my name to the Iraq war. It is a brilliant argument about why protest matters. Tomorrow it will be promoted on Channel 4 News, Front Row and BBC Breakfast TV. The film has broken the world record on Thunderclap on Twitter with a reach of more than 37 million people.
      It is vital that the film is seen by as many people as possible. Local Stop the War groups are promoting the film in their areas. You can help promote the film in your area by inviting your Facebook contacts to your local cinema. Facebook events have been created for each town.
Click to see a short clip from the film
See the nationwide venues, book tickets and invite your Facebook contacts
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Waiting For Tomorrow.

Another poem, and why not?

Yesterday Waiting For Tomorrow

Observe the crazy ape's despair,
trapped in a consumer's world.
Where dream's have gaping wounds,
happiness floats ahead like a mirage.
A strange world
where nostalgia flows like wine
drowning the present;
trivia traps mesmerised minds
They live yesterday, waiting for tomorrow,
an existence
where "NOW" has been eliminated.

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The Culling Of The Poor.

        It is normal practice in this society that when a dreadful cruelty happens, our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, spew out a few articles about it, and then it is dropped, no longer “news”. The dreadful cruelty, in all probability continues, but is now no longer worth reporting, it's yesterday's news. One of the things that fall into that category is benefit sanctions. It was “news”, a new chattering issue, but as the viciousness of this legislation grinds on, it becomes normal and boring to the chattering classes. Not only is the cruelty of this vindictive legislation still there, its effects are multiplying.
      Over 1 million people on JSA have been sanctioned. These are people living on the barest of income, people who are scraping an existence, in all probability not eating properly, not heating their home, unable to feed their kids properly, and then that meagre income is stopped for a minimum of one month, it could be up to three years. Those punished in this way could be sick, disabled, single parents with kids over 5 years old.
     Without a shadow of doubt, this vindictive punishing of the poor and vulnerable has caused widespread deprivation and misery, has ripped families apart, left pregnant women without food. Has seen those with mental health problems deteriorate and has created an increase in suicides. Has pushed families to food-banks and in cases forced them into begging. We can get a measure of the type of society we tolerate when we consciously reduce people to begging, sleeping in the streets or attempting suicide as a cruel and degrading punishment for being poor.
      This vile and cruel punishing of the poor and vulnerable is implemented on the flimsiest and most irrational pretext. Misery and deprivation are handed out on a whim, devoid of any humanity. We cannot tolerate this vicious, vindictive punishing of our own people. Over one third of the homeless on JSA have been sanctioned, among the young homeless, it jumps to over 50%. To be homeless in this society is a cruel bare existence, to deprive them of any income, is nothing less than condemning them to ill health and an early death.
    Our millionaire Bullingdon Boys, the Cameron cabal, idling away their evenings checking their shares and off-shore accounts, have no conception of what it is in this society, to face life with nothing. Nobody, least of all that bunch of pampered parasites, has the right to inflict that destitution and misery on anyone. Even that sanitised old boys club, the Parliament’s Work and Pensions Select Committee said, there was evidence that the sanctions caused more problems than they solved, and that the Government had not yet provided evidence that the system was not "purely punitive". The committee said the Government needed to provide more evidence to support its hard-line approach, as the committee’s chair warned that financial hardship caused by the sanctions could lead families being unable to eat. 
From the Guardian: The following anonymised list is typical of sanctions reported by food bank clients to the Trussell trust charity:
  1. Man who missed appointment due to being at hospital with his partner, who had just had a stillborn child.
  2. Man sanctioned for missing an appointment at the jobcentre on the day of his brother’s unexpected death. He had tried to phone Jobcentre Plus to explain, but could not get through and left a message which was consequently not relayed to the appropriate person.
  3. Man who carried out 60 job searches but missed one which matched his profile.
  4. Man had an appointment at the jobcentre on the Tuesday, was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack that day, missed the appointment and was sanctioned for nine weeks.
  5. Man who secured employment and was due to start in three weeks. He was sanctioned in the interim period because JCP told him he was still duty bound to send his CV to other companies.

  6. Young couple who had not received any letters regarding an appointment that was thus subsequently missed. Their address at the Department for Work and Pensions was wrongly recorded. They were left with no money for over a month.
  7. One case where the claimant’s wife went into premature labour and had to go to hospital. This caused the claimant to miss an appointment. No leeway given.
  8. One man sanctioned for attending a job interview instead of Jobcentre Plus – he got the job so did not pursue grievance against the JCP.
  9. Man who requested permission to attend the funeral of his best friend; permission declined; sanctioned when he went anyway.
  10. A diabetic sanctioned and unable to buy food was sent to hospital by GP as a consequence.
More inhumane, vindictive, irrational, whimsical reasons used to sink people into destitution, HERE:
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Monday, 18 May 2015

A Genocide, Through The 20th. Century To The 21st. Century.

 The disappearing country.
       And so the genocide goes on, is there anybody who actually believes that the Zionist government of Israel wants a settlement with the Palestinian people? All the evidence and all the rational observations of what goes on in that part of the world, points to the Israeli government working towards its "Greater Israel". All the well stage managed conferences, peace plans, negotiations are but a charade, an exercise in powerful propaganda in an attempt to conceal the real aims of the Zionist religious nutters that control that part of the Middle East. To the Zionist government of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, are areas that have to be cleansed, to make way for God's chosen people. The shear brutality of this process is played out in front of the eyes of the world as some sort of defence activity. It is nothing short of cold callous, brutal genocide. Within Israel itself, Arabs are being cleansed from areas the have inhabited for generations, to make way for Jewish fundamentalist nutters.
Anther example of this genocide and religious cleansing is reported by Jonathan Cook:

Middle East Eye – 15 May 2015

      Israel’s Palestinian minority is preparing to hold a “day of rage” to protest against a court ruling last week that cleared the way to destroy an entire Bedouin village so that it can be replaced by a Jewish town.
     The Israeli Supreme Court’s decision marks the end of a 13-year legal battle by the 800 villagers of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev (Naqab) to prevent the establishment of the town on the site of their current homes.
     The new town – also to be called Hiran – is expected to include 2,500 homes designated for ultra-nationalist religious groups closely identified with the settler movement.
       Bedouin leaders and human rights groups criticised the judges for upholding what they termed “racist” government policies that gave weight solely to the housing needs of Israel’s Jewish population.
Read the full article HERE:

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Middle East Eye – 15 May 2015
Israel’s Palestinian minority is preparing to hold a “day of rage” to protest against a court ruling last week that cleared the way to destroy an entire Bedouin village so that it can be replaced by a Jewish town.
The Israeli Supreme Court’s decision marks the end of a 13-year legal battle by the 800 villagers of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev (Naqab) to prevent the establishment of the town on the site of their current homes.
The new town – also to be called Hiran – is expected to include 2,500 homes designated for ultra-nationalist religious groups closely identified with the settler movement.
Bedouin leaders and human rights groups criticised the judges for upholding what they termed “racist” government policies that gave weight solely to the housing needs of Israel’s Jewish population.
- See more at:
Middle East Eye – 15 May 2015
Israel’s Palestinian minority is preparing to hold a “day of rage” to protest against a court ruling last week that cleared the way to destroy an entire Bedouin village so that it can be replaced by a Jewish town.
The Israeli Supreme Court’s decision marks the end of a 13-year legal battle by the 800 villagers of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev (Naqab) to prevent the establishment of the town on the site of their current homes.
The new town – also to be called Hiran – is expected to include 2,500 homes designated for ultra-nationalist religious groups closely identified with the settler movement.
Bedouin leaders and human rights groups criticised the judges for upholding what they termed “racist” government policies that gave weight solely to the housing needs of Israel’s Jewish population.
- See more at: